Network membership

Access resources, learning opportunities, and specialist support to apply evidence-informed approaches in practice, policy, and strategy.

Membership offer  

Network membership offers social care, health, and criminal justice organisations access to resources, learning activities, regional and national networking, and member engagement support, designed to put evidence-informed approaches into practice, strategy and policy. There are three options to choose from

All – children, young people, adults, carers, and communities 

Access to all learning and development resources, services and support to apply evidence-informed approaches in practice with children, young people and families, and adults and carers. 

Children, young people and families 

Access to learning and development resources, services and support to apply evidence-informed approaches in practice with children, young people and families. 

Adults, carers and communities 

Access to learning and development resources, services and support to apply evidence-informed approaches in practice with adults, carers and communities. 

Unlimited access to content

Our extensive library of learning resources and regular updates offers members access to evidence-informed content, designed to support practitioners, managers, and strategic leaders to transfer learning into changes in practice. Informed by consultation with the Partner network to address priority topic areas, content is regularly published, reviewed, and updated.  

The Research in Practice website is designed to allow resources to be embedded into local workforce development programmes and to support self-directed learning by individual users.  

Learning resources and regular updates  

  • Case law – analysis of selected cases and their implications for practice.  

  • Hardcopy publications – a mail-out containing a selection of new publications.  

  • Multimedia materials – podcasts, videos and animations.  

  • News and views – articles from practitioners, researchers, policy makers and people with lived experience from across the sector. 

  • Policy – updates on important policy activity. 

  • Research updates – themed updates on key research, summarised for practice readership.  

  • Written materials – peer reviewed, quality assured and targeted publications designed to meet a range of learning needs. 

Learning events, facilitating network exchange and peer learning

Bringing together participants from across the Research in Practice network to learn from experts and share knowledge with peers. 

The annual events programme offers learning activities in a range of formats.

Online learning delivered to your organisation 

Member organisations can book dedicated online learning workshops, chosen from a regularly updated menu of topics. Delivered to your organisation by expert facilitators, the menu includes core areas of learning, and new topics responding to pressing sector priorities.  

Programme of events 

  • Knowledge exchange sessions – building cross-sector, peer-to-peer learning. 

  • National networking:
    - Leaders’ Forum leaders from across the Research in Practice network meet for discussion, reflection and challenge on key topics. 
    - Link Officers’ Annual Meeting – share, learn and connect. Exploring evidence and innovative approaches on priority themes. 
    - Regional meetings – online meetings for Link Officers to share engagement strategies in the region.

  • Partnership Conference – the flagship annual conference brings the network together to learn from research, the voices of lived experience and cutting-edge practice.  

  • Webinars – online seminar sessions led by expert speakers. 

  • Workshops: delivered online or face-to-face – designed for building knowledge and skills in key areas for continuing professional development. 

Member engagement activities 

Targeted engagement support to meet your organisational priorities and embed content in local learning. 

Generate knowledge 

Join expert facilitators in developmental action learning projects. These respond to pressing practice and policy issues and produce outputs to share with the wider network.  

Membership engagement

We know that professionals value support to target learning and embed content in local learning offers. Member organisations receive focused implementation support from our Engagement Team who work with key contacts in your organisation to:  

  • Build engagement and practice development. 

  • Enable the cost-effective use of the Research in Practice learning offer. 

  • Connect your organisation with our national network. 

Online member engagement programme 

We have a dedicated member engagement programme that offers:  

  • Topic led resource sessions – bite-size learning on core priority topics. 

  • Engagement support for workforce development – targeted to workforce development colleagues aim to improve impact analysis of local training activities. 

  • How to use Research in Practice guiding users to get the most out of the Research in Practice. 

Network membership

To discuss or purchase a membership with Research in Practice, please contact us. 
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