Equity, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion throughout our work, and in how we behave as an organisation. 

Our vision is a more equitable, just, and inclusive society.

We want people needing support to feel confident the professionals involved in their lives are skilled and knowledgeable, and those professionals can continuously learn and develop, supported by safe systems and effective leaders. We recognise that ‘treating everyone the same’ does not necessarily achieve equality. Unjust systems and unequal power structures need to be addressed, alongside tackling discrimination and amplifying the voices of those who are marginalised.  

What we’re doing  

We strive to ensure that our mission, vision, and values are reflected in everything that we do. Our commitment to promoting equity, diversity and inclusion is evident in the work we do to promote anti-discriminatory practice and leadership, such as our dedicated learning resources and activities.  

It also means ensuring our own working practices are anti-discriminatory and inclusive, for example: 

A well-supported network 

  • Enabling peer support and knowledge exchange across our network.

  • Promoting evidence-informed practice across a broad range of professionals, volunteers, and others working with children and families, young people, and adults. 

  • Testing, evaluating, and developing inclusive methods of promoting evidence-informed practice, which others may adopt and take forward.  

High-quality innovative content and learning activities  

  • Arranging events and activities that are accessible to target participants from a range of disciplines, roles, and backgrounds. 

  • Seeking participation from groups and organisations that will encourage innovation, experimentation, evaluation, and review. 

Resources and systems to deliver our aims sustainably and ethically 

  • Being open to challenge and critique where we can do better.

  • Continuous improvement of operational processes.  

  • Continually improving the diversity of our Partnership Board and Practice Reference Group, as well as our staff team. 

  • Ensuring that our work is appropriate to our purpose and ensure quality by monitoring and evaluating the impact of what we do, and the progress made by our network in relation to promoting equal opportunities. 

  • Offering remote working, wherever possible, to widen the pool of applicants and make job opportunities accessible. 

  • Providing learning and development opportunities for staff at all levels.  

  • Providing an inclusive working environment to celebrate and promote diversity. 

  • Striving to ensure we engage writers, trainers, and peer reviewers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse knowledge. 

  • Taking a 'Positive action' approach to recruitment with measures and initiatives that encourage more diversity within the application stage. 

Our people 

We aim to be leaders in our field, respected, relevant, and rooted in the sector. Being respectful and relational with those we support and within our team are key to our culture.  

Work with us  

Our ambition is to create an inclusive working environment. We celebrate and promote diversity and are committed to ensuring a working environment where everyone feels safe, valued and able to thrive.